What are the best hot glue guns?

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If you are into arts and crafts, home DIY projects or simply looking to repair some furniture, then perhaps you have used, or at least considered using a hot glue gun. A hot glue gun is an extremely convenient tool for anyone looking to finish up their projects, and it is also incredibly versatile. The heated glue in the gun can be used on any materials, from easier materials such as paper and textile fabric to trickier materials, like wood, metal, stone, glass and foam.

Tips for choosing a hot glue gun

There are many things to consider, however, before choosing the right hot glue gun for you.

The main thing to look for in a hot glue gun is the temperature range in which glue will be heated up. You can choose between lower temperature guns, which heat glue up at around 250 degrees, or high temperature guns, which can reach even 300 degrees. Temperature is important to consider because different temperatures will have different effects on your materials: for example, higher temperatures can be damaging to some textile fabrics, but they will bind materials such as wood or metal better. The most convenient choice would be an adjustable temperature gun, so you don’t have to buy multiple ones for different projects.

If you buy a glue gun to use for many different projects, then perhaps you should also consider buying different tip sizes. This helps customize your gun to adjust to the different materials you are using for your crafts, and it makes your gun incredibly flexible.

Best hot glue guns

If you are looking to buy your own hot glue gun Walmart and Amazon offer some wide range selections for you. Below, you can find the top choices which feature the best reviews.

One of the most recommended products is the CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Gun, a small sized, highly versatile gun which can be used for many difficult projects. Made from plastic and aluminum, this gun can reach between 356-392 degrees, making it ideal for materials like wood, metal and glass. It heats up in around 3 minutes, and it also comes with a support stand, making it easy to just set it on the side between uses without worrying it will topple. It is built with an anti-hot cover, so you can use it without worrying about the dangers of high temperatures.

Wallmart’s best hot glue gun choice is the AdTech W9201. This mini hot glue gun offers a power up to 6 times better than a standard mini gun, and 4 times the output of glue compared to other such products. The gun doesn’t drip and does not become stringy, and the handle has a very sleek design, making it easy to grip and hold without dropping it. It also features an easy to pull trigger for glue to come out, and it can be used even for more fragile materials like textiles and paper. This product is very highly reviewed due to its simplicity and ease of use, while not dropping its quality.